Google Pixel 7a leak suggests good news for budget phone's on-sale date

Google Pixel 7 review in hand
A Google Pixel 7 (Image credit: Future / Alex Walker-Todd)

The Google Pixel 7a might be just weeks away from launch, with a new leak suggesting not only that it's due to land at Google IO 2023 but also that it will be available to buy soon after.

According to SnoopyTech (opens in new tab) on Twitter (via Phone Arena (opens in new tab)), the Pixel 7a will be unveiled at IO, which kicks off on May 10 - which is hardly a surprise. However, they go on to say that it will apparently arrive in retail stores within the next 14 days - which would mean it was in stores more than a week before it’s officially announced.

Of course, you won’t be able to buy the Google Pixel 7a until after it’s announced, but having stock in stores ahead of May 10 might mean the phone will go on sale shortly after the big reveal, rather than there being a long pre-order period.

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Also in Pixel 7a news, the same source claims that this phone won’t come in a jade green shade, despite some previous reports saying there would be such a color. There may, however, be a green case, which might have caused the confusion.

That leaves white, dark grey, and blue as the remaining rumored colors for the Google Pixel 7a.

No new signs of the Google Pixel Fold

We were hoping the Google Pixel Fold might also arrive at Google IO 2023, but according to SnoopyTech there are “no new signs” of it, which suggests we might be waiting a bit longer for that long-awaited device.

Of course, a lack of new information doesn't necessarily mean the Pixel Fold won't arrive soon. Previous leaks had suggested it would land either in May or June, so it's possible it will be announced at Google IO but won't go on sale until a while after.

The other obvious release window for the new foldable would be alongside the Google Pixel 8, likely in October. So while we’re still hopeful for a launch at Google IO, we might instead be waiting around six months for Google’s first foldable phone.

We'll hopefully find out one way or the other at IO 2023 next month. We'll be there ourselves, and will bring you all of the big news as it happens. Bookmark our Google IO 2023 hub for all the latest rumors ahead of the show.

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